January 9, 2020

Getty Images/Staff


Happy Throwback Thursday! This was traditionally the day of the week we’d all give in to the sweet indulgence of nostalgia. Nowadays, Hollywood reboots everything, music recycles it and we post old pics on social just cuz! Well I am a traditionalist gosh darn it! So in the spirit of T-B-T, allow me to remind you of this gem from the early 2000s.


SR 71 is an interesting band. Only one hit (we’ll get to that) but the lead singer Mitch Allen was a heck of a song writer. Remember 1985 by Bowling for Soup? Yup, Mitch wrote that. He kept Right Now all for himself. A track greatly boosted by its placement on the Dude Wheres My Car soundtrack. Back when kids listened to soundtracks and went to the movies to see Ashton Kutcher and Sean William Scott.