March 29, 2019

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Let’s take a trip back to 2004 for a throwback Thursday edition of my blog. (As if blogs weren’t enough of a throwback)

’04 was a great time to be a middle school kid who loved alternative music. See, back then there was no Spotify and due to my family’s lack of interest in high speed internet, my dial-up left little opportunity for file-sharing softwares like Limewire or Kazaa. 

So that meant I had to either wait for the radio or MTV2 (MTV had moved on from videos at this point) to play my favorite song. I can remember being on the phone with my girlfriend at the time… (Yeah, I had a girlfriend in middle school. Not trying to brag. I know it’s impressive, but it doesn’t define who I am)….and hanging up on her because “the video was coming on…”

So what was this song I loved so much? Take a look…