April 26, 2019

Scott Gries

You ask anybody in any bar ever to name a Lit song, they’re going to yell back “My Own Worst Enemy.”

That’s the one that gets all the praise. That’s the one we play. Iconic music video of the guys bowling. I remember first seeing it as a kid and trying to figure out how someone could get their car on the front lawn in the first place. Oh! They were DRUNK! That was lost on kindergarten me.

I’m here to say that video is not Lit’s best. Honestly, Miserable beats it too. Shout out Pam Anderson. This one does too though - it’s for their single Zip-Lock. Dee Snider plays an angry dad in an homage to Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” plus Blink makes a cameo. Enjoy.