This is the Greatest Thanksgiving Day Performance Ever

November 29, 2019

Hulton Archive


Yes it's great to see family. Of course the food is fantastic. Having a couple days off from the job you hate - heaven! Thanksgiving is all of these things but more than anything else it's an opportuntiy for all of us to pay the proper respects to the greatest Thanksgiving Day performance in the history of Thanksgiving Day performance as far as performances that took place on Thanksgiving Day go. The year was 2001. I don't know if that was the year but roll with me here. The year was 2001. Creed is on top of the world. There's chatter Scott Stapp could run against George W. Bush and John Kerry in the next election and win outright. What a time. It was that fateful November that the holy trinity of Creed descended upon Dallas, Texas to bless the masses with a rendition of "Higher" that truly, brings a tear to my eye EVERY TIME I WATCH IT. The shirtless men soaring through the texan air. Stapp's impeccable sideburns and that custom Cowboys jersey which is on the way to my apartment as we speak because that's WHAT I CALL BLACK FRIDAY SHOPPING BABY! Watch the clip below and don't thank me, thank Creed.