There Used to Be Bars on the Subway

November 1, 2019

Drew Angerer/Getty Images


My life is a series of self discovery that I was simply born too late. I was in Kindergarten when Kid Rock told me to get in the pit and love someone. I don’t know how familiar you are with pits, but there aren’t many in kindergarten. I was eight years old when Limp Bizkit told me to break stuff. For an adult, it was a stress relief anthem. For me, it just meant no playstation for 2 weeks because my moms new lamp was in pieces when she got home.

Now, lo and behold I have once again found further evidence to support the fact I missed my shot. In 1962, there was actually a bar on a New York City Subway. Yes. A bar. With Booze. Nowadays, we just get live performances no one asked for or worse yet an over eager man spreader who’s dead set on the outer part of his leg touching the outer part of your leg until you both conveniently get off on Houston. Oh he works here! Oh! It’s Bryce!

If you don’t believe me about the bar on the subway,  I don’t blame you. I lie a lot. But this ones true. Check out the link below.