SUM 41 Like You've Never Heard Them Before

November 8, 2019

Scott Gries/ Getty


Interesting times. We are living in interesting times. No, I am not referring to the current political climate in our country. No, this isn’t even about the fact that it was 80 degrees last week and today I bought mittens. Men can wear mittens. I awoke this morning to find one of my favorite rappers both sampling and interpolating SUM 41.

Iann Dior’s debut album Industry Plant dropped at midnight and one of the tracks the project boasts is entitled “In Too Deep.” Yes. THAT “In Too Deep.” The very song we play on ALT 92.3. Iann takes it in his own direction but you’ll recognize the slowed down guitar sample as well as the chorus. Enjoy and don’t hate comment this blog on Facebook complaining we don’t play enough Depeche Mode. We don't play Depeche Mode.