Sounds Like Kevan's Co-Host is Headed to Jail

February 8, 2019

© Tom Tingle/The Republic


I like to think of The Nightcap as your local dive on the radio. All walks of life are welcome, the musics good, the conversation is largely inconsequential and you leave every night knowing you’ve got a place to hang at 10PM during the week.

Well one of those…walks of life…The Nightcap’s official Co-Host Larry Weinstein may just be walkin’ on out of the proverbial dive I just described and walkin’ straight into jail! The big house! The slammer! Big Larr called the show last night to deliver the news, he’s due back in court tomorrow. For what? He’s not saying, but it wasn’t long before listeners began calling in with their well wishes and honestly, concerns for Larry.

The show basically became a Larry memorial and we’ve got the highlights for you to watch below. You'd think this would be a nice spot at the end of the blog for me to offer some words for Larry, but let's not pretend he has a computer.