SHOCKING NEWS: Most Expensive Home Ever Sold Right Here in New York City

Who saw this one coming?

January 25, 2019

I am a native of the great garden state. I grew up here and heard my parents complain about how much everything cost; their taxes, our mortgage, my Air Jordan 11s, but it wasn't until I moved out, got a real job and started being mailed those things called bills asking for my money that I could truly appreciate the specific and unique cruelty of how expensive it is to live around here. My buddy from high school who pays $600 a month to live in a high rise across the street from the beach in Sunny Isles, Florida doesn't help matters.

So you can imagine my complete and utter shock when I read today the most expensive home ever sold in the history of the United States was found right here in Manhattan. If you would've told me that was about to happen, I would've said....yeah, that's probably about to happen. The $238 million apartment is located at 220 Central Park South, features 7 floors and 24,000 square feet and no matter what those quacks at TMZ may be reporting - I am not the proud new owner.