August 21, 2019

Getty/Brian Bahr


The day has come to give Sheryl Crow her flowers. Yes, they are from me and why, yes, I did pick them up from that guy on the corner outside the station who also sings for tips.

What happens with a lot of artists is as they ma…ture….and evolve, they get a little softer. Understandable. The fan raging to your music their senior year of high school will one day be a parent in the burbs and have far less to rage about. (You’re all still rats in cages though)

Most people my age or younger have come to know Sheryl Crow as that lady on acoustic who covered Rod Stewart and tag teamed a country duet with Kid Rock and a CD called Cocky.

But before the easy listening and bawitdaba, Sheryl was a bonafide badass. This video for If It Makes You Happy is quintessential 90’s alt and was a big one for five year old me. Both because I learned…*beavis voice* ‘girls are pretty cool’ and also that every school field trip to the museum here thereafter somehow managed to skip the Sheryl Crow exhibit but always had PLENTY OF TIME FOR THE ELEPHANTS!!!!