Is Shakira Auditioning For Green Day?

October 21, 2019

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I’ve been thinking a lot about something Pete Wentz said to me recently. No, it wasn’t that I was handsome or the best interview he’s ever had. He actually said neither of those things...out loud, but I felt like he was thinking them. I’m very perceptive.

It was this little anecdote about great songs. Pete said the reason Billie Eilish broke through, or Post Malone broke through or really any of your favorite artists no matter the genre have ever broken through in a big way is because of THE SONG. Pete alluded to the point that sonics and genre are fickle and great songs can really be translated to any styling or arrangement.

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This point of view from Pete came back to mind when I stumbled across maybe the most unexpected cover I imagined seeing on my Monday morning. Shakira doing Green Day. Green Day broke huge in 1994. I remember because I was 3 years old and totally driving to my local Sam Goody to pick up the Dookie CD. (Thank God for Retrospectives on YouTube) Pop Stations were playing Green Day, they were mainstream darlings which now seems normal but at the time was very strange coming off years of R&B, boy bands and ballads dominating the Billboard charts.

You might say it was the times, or the aesthetic, or ‘grunge’ but truly, as Pete pointed out, it was how great the music was. ‘Basket Case’ works for Shakira here, like it would Slayer, or Garth Brooks or Snoop Dogg - because it's a great song.

Check out Shakira’s attempt below.

Me, being a basket case with my producer…

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