Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a Total Sham

November 18, 2019

Spencer Platt/Getty


I am a born and raised son of the garden state. My mom worked in the city since I was the age of 6. I love this city. It is my home. That said, it is with absolutely no remorse whatsoever that I tell you, truthfully, emphatically, passionately that the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree is a complete, utter, and total sham.

It’s just a tall tree.

That’s it. 

A tall tree.

Dude, if you’re reading this right now and going yeah, but…

No! There is not but. If that’s your take please allow me to take you out to jersey to literally any forest bro. They’re everywhere. Sure there aren’t lights and there won’t be any ads for The Voice or a school choir singing carols nearby but it’s all the same. One tall tree. In fact, in the proverbial forest in Jersey we’re discussing, there’s actually multiple tall trees. At the Roc, there’s just a Bose headphone store and an overpriced Hudson News.

Skip the trip. Walk around the woods.