The Pig Revolution Is Upon Us

October 9, 2019

deyanarobova/Getty Images


While all the Post Malone and 2 minute jargon may distract you at times, never forget that as your faithful night host on ALT 92.3 - what I do is a public service. That is why it is my duty to inform you that soon you, your neighbor, your cousin you haven’t seen since 2013 and everyone you’ve ever loved will soon be ruled by pigs.

Yes, pigs, much like TikTok, Vaping and Cash Apping IG models, are on the rise.

I’m not a scientist but I know scientists. They respect me and I them. They’ve long believed a species ability to utilize tools to be a great barometer of intellect. Well, up until now we’ve always had that over our piggy friends. Again, until now…

Feast your eyes on this genius pig using real life tools. Most likely building some sort of weapon of mass destruction to eventually overthrow our government and rename the White House - the Bacon Barn.

This is a very real possibility and something we need to take seriously. As for me, I am preemptively surrendering to the future first family of Pigs. TAKE ME WITH YOU!!!