The Perfect Song To Convince Your Friends to Go Out: Lagwagon's "E Dagger"

September 23, 2019



As my loyal blog reader(s?) know, I pull no punches. Whether it's an elderly woman in Montana pretending her hairdryer is a speed gun or telling you about how Creed truly is the greatest band of all time - I give it to you straight. So I'm here to say, this blog is really just an excuse to talk about a song and band I love. "E Dagger" by Lagwagon.

Lagwagon gets grouped into "Skate Punk" a lot, and I guess that's fair, but this album cut off their 2003 album Blaze is far more than a song - it's a utility.

As home entertainment grows stronger and bar's $5 JAMO shots until 10 type specials become less and less inspired - convincing your friends to go out can become quite the chore. The next time you find yourself in such a predicament, throw on "E Dagger." The track was born out of a dispute during a Lagwagon tour back in the day where NOFX's Fat Mike's wife Erin was yelling at the bands about their partying. Joey Cape, lead singer of Lagwagon calmly suggested..."C'mon E, It's Just a Party" and the rest is history.