New Music Discovery: Zero 9:36 - "Come Thru"

November 25, 2019
music streaming

Feodora Chiosea


I blog a lot about the definition of alternative and the collission of sound and sensibility that are crucial to the future of the genre. It's an ever-evolving orb of energy that constantly takes on new forms and inhabitants. The latest of which, in my ever so humble opinion, is an artist out of Philadelphia named Zero 9:36. Before you start boo'ing, we don't even know if he watches his football!

The track I want you to hear is "Come Thru." The music sounds like an electro pop song. Think Bastille. While the vocals sound like something MGK and Yungblud would get down to. Interested to hear what you think, so if you take the time to listen - hit me direct @KevanKenney on social.