New Low, No One as Shot as This Guy

January 31, 2019

We do a segment on The Nightcap where you call in with your bad day and we guarantee to top it. You may have lost your job but at least you’re not the guy from Texas arrested for being caught on camera licking his neighbor’s door knobs, right? But aside from Dr. Door Knobs, I’ve got a story that’s truly a new low.

A Delta Flight had to be canceled after its Co-Pilot was accused of being drunk before take off for the flight from Amsterdam to New York. You know that old saying about the importance of kindness and how everybody fighting a battle we can’t see. What the f is that guy battling? What is he going through? I’ll be kind, just so he doesn’t crash the plane. Seriously, flying is stressful enough, last thing we need is some bozo getting sauced up thanks to a little Dewars or worse rippin’ shots of Raspberry Smirnoff en route to the runway. Wow - Imagine it was flavored vodka….I digress.

Call me old fashioned, but I remember a time in the world where pilots didn’t get hammered then operate the 757, in fact they would fly us to our destination completely sober. 

I’m all for aircraft innovation, but not sure this is making the list.

TVs in the headrests? Yes. Free Wifi? Yes. Complimentary snacks? Yes. Sloppy pilots who can’t pass a Breathalyzer test? Hard pass.