LISTEN: Eric the Good News Guardian Serenades NJ Man On Air

November 15, 2019

While yes we give you your daily serving of Chili Peppers and keep you up to date on your YUNGBLUDs, what we do at ALT 92.3 is a public service. Every Friday, in honor of that, we offer free serenades. You call us between 6 and 10 PM with whatever you’re going through and my cast of characters will come up with a custom serenade to help get you through the night.

Last week, a man from Jersey named Matt called in distraught over his girlfriend leaving him after four years together. Eric the Good News Guardian, a man who knows sorrow on a first name basis, had just the recipe to aid in Matt’s emotional recovery.

Take a listen above!

Kevan Kenney & Eric the Good News Guardian
Kevan Kenney & Eric the Good News Guardian (Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNYL)