August 26, 2019

Nick Elgar


Tonight, the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards emanate live from my home state of New Jersey’s Prudential Center. In honor of the big night, I have been asked by literally no one to hand out the award for most bad ass VMA moment of all time. So, let’s take a look at the nominees…
















Sike! There are no nominees! Just one very obvious clear winner. Tim C from Rage Against the Machine wasn’t down with Limp Bizkit taking home Best Rock Video so what did he do? Run to twitter? Start a hashtag? Nah fool, this was 2-motherf’in-000. He stormed the stage and climbed to the top of the scaffolding holding up the live broadcast for the better part of an hour. Congrats Tim C. You can pick up your award any weekday during normal work hours at the 10th floor reception desk at 345 Hudson Street.