Mariano Rivera is going into the Hall of Fame, Which Got Me Thinking...

Enter Sandman, indeed!

January 22, 2019



The greatest closer of all time is headed to Cooperstown. And not only that, headed into baseball eternity as the first ever unanimous Hall of Famer. Unanimous! In case you're not familiar with the definitionn of the word (Not all of us have Ramapo College of New Jersey degrees in Communciations) that means every single person agreed Rivera deserved to go in. This is the United States of America in 2019 - We don't agree on anything. I complimented Bryce on his shirt today, and he told me I was wrong. 

This rare, yet deserved resolution got me there such a thing as a unanimous hall of famer in the world of music? With varying genres, tastes, eras, metrics...could there be a band so beloved, they could bring music lovers from across the world together in harmony? Yes....there is...Crazytown!


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