Local Woman Calls In, Confesses to Alien Love

February 25, 2020



Outside of Blink 182 on the hour every hour, you truly have no idea what will happen between 6 to 10pm weeknights on ALT 92.3. I know this because I am at the helm during said time frame. Now, before you chalk this up to a typical dj hyping up his show. Allow me to introduce you to Sam, a loyal listener, seemingly kind woman, who just happens to have a specific thing for Aliens. We all have our something…Sam’s just happens to be Alien love. We don’t judge. We believe all passions, loves, and feelings should be celebrated - no matter how unorthodox, out of this world or outwardly concerning they may be. Plus, when the extra terrestrials finally get here, Sam’s set up to be their First Lady. Thinking ahead…smart Sam.