August 19, 2019

Provided Photo


The internet's a fun place. You can find just about anything to argue with strangers over on Twitter.

You can laugh your ass off watching people fall down thanks to endless fail comps on YouTube and sometimes if you’re REALLY lucky you can discover your new favorite song. That happened to me while navigating the outer reaches of Soundcloud maybe 4-6 months ago. Crap, maybe even longer - this year has been flying by.

Dying in Designer was the artist. "Lately" was the song. The sentiment resonated with my foundational love of emo alternative music and the production spoke to my current love of hip-hop. One stream turned into probably a fair 1,000 on my behalf. As fate would have it, I wound up crossing paths with Designer at Emo Nite LA and promptly invited him to the studio to chat about his new album 'Nobody's Happy' -- out and available now but only under one condition -- he gives us the first-ever live and acoustic performance of "Lately."

Here it is, enjoy.