Lessons From Gerard Way: Don't Give Up Even If You're Really Bad

October 17, 2019

Alexandre Schneider/Getty


I typically use my blog to share songs I feel you’d enjoy (much to the chagrin of folks that work here) or tip you off to a new interview I’ve conducted (YungBlud chat coming tomorrow.) Today, I’d love to level with ya. It can be discouraging at times - most times, when beginning a new venture. New job, new relationship, maybe a new skill. Well, me and Gerard Way are here to say don’t give up!

You know Gerard as an Alternative icon, the man behind or in front of My Chemical Romance and a voice synonymous with your years of angst living under your parent’s roof against your will. The rockstar is now opening up on a lot of topics, including how bad he was at guitar at first.

How bad? “Really bad” Way stated, revealing he got kicked out of his first ever band because “I wanted to do original songs, and they wanted to do cover songs. The reason I got kicked out was because I couldn’t play ‘Sweet Home Alabama.’”

He also gave us further insight into what it was like being in MCR, saying…“Pop-punk was about the high school experience, boyfriend-girlfriend stuff. I wanted to build worlds with music, and that’s what we started to do together in bringing in gothic elements, or bringing in vampires, and building this thing and there was always a momentum in My Chemical Romance…Every week there was a new thing that happened and then eventually Frank joined the band and we never stopped.”

For more, you can check out the full video below.