Learn from Yungblud: Pick Up The Phone For Celebrities

October 18, 2019

If a celebrity ever rings you up, take a second before assuming it’s one of your buddy’s playing a prank.

That’s the lesson Yungblud learned the hard way and the reason we almost didn’t get his new single "Original Me."

The ball of energy known as Yungblud stopped by our studios in New York City to share the story that takes us down south to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Yungblud was on his tour bus when the phone - or as he might say ‘Telly’ - rang and the voice on the other end said, “Hi, This is Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons.”

Click! And then Yungblud carried on his day.

Luckily Mr. Reynolds is a gracious rock star and rang the young lad from across the pond up once more. “Hi, this is actually Dan Reynolds from Imagine Dragons!” That’s when Yungblud went crazy - or again, as he would say ‘mental!’"

The two connected almost instantly on shared values, their self proclaimed ‘ADHD’ in the studio and the sound and message they wanted to convey to the world. The result was a banger of a tune and one you can enjoy right now on ALT 92.3.

Yungblud at ALT 92.3 Radio in NYC
(Photo: Joe Cingrana/WNYL)