May 17, 2019

Kevin Winter/Staff


Fridays have turned into something of a holiday. Each week we get a fresh batch of gifts from the music industry in the form of new releases and just like gifts, sometimes they suck, but last night I lucked out.

One song that dropped at midnight, along with a music video no less (featuring among others - Debbie Harry) is Halsey’s “Nightmare.”

I know Halsey has that song with the two guys who should stop smoking but literally in it, she name drops Blink 182. We also play one of one of those orally fixated compulsive duo’s songs on the station as is. (SEE: Something Just Like This)

So, before you poo-poo me and say get this pop crap off the website, listen and more importantly watch the video below and tell me if you think this is ALT or not. I’m open to discussion.