Kevan's Favorite New Songs This Week: Billie Eilish, Cage, AJR

February 2, 2019

Rich Fury, Getty


It was an exciting week for new music in the world of alternative as you probably already know given two radio dot com premieres on ALT 923 alone. I thought it’d be cool to compare notes and share my favorite new songs that are out now, so take a look below and feel free to hit me up on text at 55701 or social @KevanKenney to tell me yours.

Billie Eilish - "Bury A Friend" 

Billie may be the most exciting artist in the world of alternative (Don’t tell Oliver Tree I said that) and she delivers in a huge way with her lead single off her debut album here.


AJR - "100 Bad Days" 

I’ll be honest. I was never crazy about AJR, but they’re winning me over with this new one. Such a cool reminder and great perspective on all our failures and set backs.


Cage the Elephant - "Ready to Let Go" 

I’ll always have a soft spot for Cage because they’re the only band I’ve been taken off air with because we were too drunk to continue the on-camera interview at Gov Ball. It’s good to have these guys back and if you’ve never seen them live - you need to change that this year.