Kevan May Never Have to Pay a Speeding Ticket Ever Again

April 17, 2019



I filled in for Bryce Wednesday night, after our regular night guy allegedly fled the market to start a farm in Washington. "I want to run with the cows" was apparently the line they heard him say right before making a line for the door. Or at least that’s what one of the sales guys whispered to me by the water cooler today. Personally, I’m above office gossip like that. I think it’s childish and has no home on our blogs, but figured you might be concerned. 

Anyways - I brought The Nightcap’s Last Listener Listening segment to 6-10PM and even let Eric the Good News Guardian help congratulate the winner - who just happened to be a member of law enforcement.

Eric jumped the gun and almost confessed to heinous acts that allegedly took place at a rest area in Connecticut but I jumped in and stopped him short of going (back) to jail.

The police officer then shouted out all his buddies, the station and seemed to really enjoy himself. Fingers crossed this audio clip below works just as well as a PBA card.