Here's What Kevan's Thankful For on the ALT 92.3 Playlist

November 26, 2019

Anthony Harvey


With Thanksgiving just days away and me being off work tomorrow, I wanted to take this time to share what I was thankful for when it comes to the ALT 92.3 playlist.

1) Tongue Tied - Yungblud, Marshmello & Blackbear 

It’s tough to really love songs after you hear them every day multiple times a day at work but this one is still a joy every time we get to spin it on the air. I love the fusion of pop, alternative, EDM and Hip-Hop paired with really strong lyrics. Bonus points for the cool video and record scratches.

2) Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus

I think it’s impossible to not love this song or even remotely get tired of it. I don’t often pretend I’m a 16 year old girl but when Noel’s spoken word bridge comes on, I recite every word - in her voice!

3) Take What You Want - Post Malone, Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott

The fact we play Travis Scott on ALT 92.3 just rules. One of my favorite artists today paired with Post and the icon that is Ozzy is the most alternative thing I can think of in mainstream music today. It almost doesn’t belong anywhere other than ALT 92.3

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving! See ya at Not So Silent Night!