Happy Anniversary Lou Bega, Here's An Alt Cover Of Your Only Hit

April 21, 2019

Andreas Rentz


Social media is great for a ton of stuff. Instagram gives you a peek into the latest viral dance craze that explains the top 10 hit you’ve never heard of. Facebook shows you how out of touch old people are and Twitter celebrates anniversaries that arguably never had to be acknowledged. 

One such anniversary took place Friday as Lou Bega’s “Mambo No. 5” turned 20 years old. If the spring of 1999 is a bit hazy for you, this is that song with all the women’s names. Monica, Jessica, Was there an Amber? Let’s just say there was.

So, obviously with such an important occassion, I thought it was worth a celebration on my blog. Without further ado, to commemorate Mambo No. 5 turing the big 2-0, here’s an alternative-ska-punk version of the song that much like the past three paragraphs arguably never had to exist.