July 22, 2019



Everyones making such a big deal about that moon landing 50 years ago this week. Who cares! Have you ever been to the moon? Me neither. But I’ll tell you one thing right now - we’re blowing it. While everyone’s ranting about Apollo whatever, no one is observing the REAL anniversary this week. Not 50 years. Not 40 years. Not 30 years. 20 years! LEN’s “Steal My Sunshine” dropped officially. That means this week was the week in 1999 you could finally walk into your choice of music retailer and buy the official single. The song is in many people’s opinions the greatest summer anthem of all time. Many people say that. You can also hear it on ALT 92.3 from time to time. Check out the video below either now or L-A-T-E-R this week.