Great Songs Still Matter: Pete Wentz Praises Post Malone and Billie Eilish

September 26, 2019

Pete Wentz dropped by ALT to chat the Hella Mega tour and our conversation turned to alternative music today versus twenty years ago.

Pete made a great point citing the changes in not just alternative but music overall, calling it more ‘pervasive’ and pointing to the democracy of today’s distribution channels.

“You can do it in your bedroom…and if you have a great song, it can really cut through.”

We had Billie Eilish in the building and Pete pointed to the work she has done with her brother/producer Finneas as an example of his former point.

“She has this batch of great songs, great perspective and it just cuts through everything else.”

Pete cited Billie as a great example of how you don’t need to fit into a specific lane like you used to. The songs just need to be great.

“The music she’s making - if it was made by a rock band or pop, or Travis Scott, the songs would cut through because they’re great songs - or even Post Malone.”