Did Courtney Love Call My Radio Show Last Night?

February 5, 2019

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If you're a loyal listener of The Nightcap, you should be well aware of Eric The Good News Guardian. Down in the dumps? Eric's always there as only Eric can be with words of wisdom, inspiration and well, Eric-isms. (Ex. Look at the moon - it's magic!) So, during Monday night's show, Eric calls in but this time, he has a friend with him.

A woman who tells me her name is Samantha Nelson. Samantha seems very nice (as I would expect any friend of Eric's to sound) until I tell Samantha her voice reminds me of a certain 90's alternative star. Ms. Courtney Love.

Now I'm not saying Samantha Nelson is Courtney Love but I will say that Courtney Love wrote a song for her band Hole entitled "Samantha." When asked about the song by Amazon.com in 2010, Love said, "It’s me. If it’s ‘Samantha,’ it’s probably me.” It's also worth mentioning Love moved to Nelson, New Zealand and attend the Nelson College for Girls.

Again, I'm not saying Courtney Love called my radio show last night. Only you can decide that by taking a listen below.