Concerned Therapist Makes Emergency Call to Radio Station, Offers Help

February 25, 2019

I’d say Larry Weinstein is out of control, but he’s been out of control. From beef with jocks, to frequent run-in’s with the law - part of Larry’s charm is the unpredictable nature of this wild beast who inhabits the swamps of Jersey.

I have to imagine if you’ve heard Larry once, you probably walked away concerned for the guy. He drinks vodka with his pizza. The developments during Friday’s show proved so concerning that a professional counselor called in, offering medical assistance.

Now I think that is remarkable. This doctor was off duty, enjoying The Nightcap as a fan and took time out of his weekend to see if he could be a friend to Larry. So what’s Larry do?

Phones me on the air and calls the guy an idiot! Yup. Larry Weinstein, ladies and gentlemen. What a guy. 

So what did Larry say that got the therapist so concerned in the first place? Lucky for you, we’ve got the full clip to check out below.