CASE CLOSED! Voice Behind "Chlorine" Intro REVEALED!

January 26, 2019

Press Association


In addition to my work at the radio station, I moonlight as an an investigative detective…on the internet. Recently, I was put on a case, by myself…I put myself on the case. It involved the popular alternative group Twenty One Pilots and their song "Chlorine." The skeleton clique wanted to know who was behind the song’s intro. You know the one…”So where are you?/It’s been a little while.”


After weeks of digging and interviewing witnesses, I stumbled across a close contact at Reddit who unearthed the shocking, perhaps disturbing to some, truth. The man behind the introduction was none other…you ready for this Scooby?…Paul Meany of Mutemath.


Meany came clean on his Instagram story and further elaborated on working with the guys on his Instagram live.


Another case, another day. It’s back to the precinct for me. Just got a tip on what that something Chris Martin and The Chainsmokers wanted just like this might have been…..