Billie on Billie: The Meeting of Alt Generations

October 30, 2019

Tommasso Boddi/Getty


It’s Billie on Billie in the latest Rolling Stone magazine and amazingly not one goat was involved. Mr. Armstrong and Ms. Eilish linked up for the Musicians on Musicians feature. The cross generational alt stars spotted matching outfits while posing around a car. If at first this seems like a cheap attempt at forced parallels, think again.

When Green Day broke through in 1994 with Dookie, they became so wildly popular that pop stations, bubblegum mainstream top 40 stations had no choice but to play the trio out of Northern California. Songs like Basket Case and When I Come Around dominated MTV and all formats of radio throughout the mid 1990s and hasn’t stopped to this day. Peep the ALT 92.3 playlist.

Similarly, Billie Eilish started getting love in late 2018 across alternative radio before absolutely exploding unlike anyone has over the past decade, thus catapulting her into superstardom and like the Billie that came before her, forced the hand of pop stations to spin her songs as well.

If these parallels don’t do it for ya, the article certainly will. Check it out here