Judah & The Lion Lean On Their Nashville Friends For Double-Video Treatment

March 14, 2018
Judah & The Lion

ALT 92.3


By Joe Cingrana

With the success of Judah & the Lion's 2017 hit single "Suit & Jacket" off of the deluxe version of 2016's sophomore full-length release Folk Hop N Roll, the Nashville trio knew they would need a slick video to go along with the song's massive airplay on alternative radio. So, the guys (Judah Akers, Brian Macdonald, and Nate Zuercher) leaned on their close hometown friends to supply the track's visuals.

The band's follow-up single off of the deluxe version, "Going To Mars (!)," was released on February 1st and the track's video continues where "Suit & Jacket" left off -- something the band says was planned out between themselves and their video editor.

"We have a fun group of friends back in Nashville that we all met back in college and they're all super creative, and the guy that does our music videos has a lot of inspiration for that," mandolin player Brian Macdonald says. "When we did the deluxe version of Folk Hop & Roll we added 'Suit & Jacket' and 'Going To Mars (!)' and a couple of other songs -- and we knew that 'Suit & Jacket' and 'Going To Mars (!)' were going to be singles for us, and he had the idea to make two music videos that continue the same storyline."

Singer and guitarist Judah Akers says the band is currently writing music while on the road and expect to have another album ready for fans in the fall or winter of 2018.

"We are planning on going into the studio this summer," admits Akers. "It's kind of funny, I always kind of say that writing for me, I'm a 27-year-old doing this for a little bit now, I process things through songs and I think in some way that's a very healing process for me.

"My mom's a high school counselor," he explainss. "I was always one of those kids that knew 'emotions' in some sort of way just because my mom was very helpful in that way, as far as getting through things and exposing the emotions that are going on in classic, middle-kid songwriter." Akers jokes that his mother would make comments like 'another artist -- he's so emotionaaaal!' 

Moving forward Akers says the songs that are being written now touch on those memories after watching his parents go through a terrible divorce and the loss of close family members over the past few years. "Both of them were just struggling through a lot; a couple of big moment deaths in the family -- so writing deeper or more emotional songs I think just kind of help me process some of the things that I've been going through."

Judah & the Lion's Folk Hop N Roll (Deluxe) is out now!