Bishop Briggs Doesn't Need a Studio To Record... Give Her a Motel and a Microphone

April 2, 2018

Photo: Joe Cingrana/WBMP


By Joe Cingrana

You first heard Bishop when she hit the scene in 2016 with her massively Shazam-ed single "Wild Horses." Adding a second name, Bishop Briggs followed up with the even bigger hit "River" off of her soon-to-be-released, heavily titled debut full-length, Church Of Scars.

Speaking with ALT 92.3 Radio's Omar Torres while in NYC last week, Briggs explained that her ideal recording situation would have been to go into a studio and take her time while putting down tracks, making it all as perfect as can be. But that simply wasn't in the cards when writing for her first release.

The places she was able to record varied, says the singer, because she was in the midst of touring throughout the entire process. 

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"What happened was, I started touring and so a few of the songs were written on the road," Briggs admits. "'Hallowed Ground' was written on the road, and it was recorded in, what are those things, like a Holiday Inn type of vibe but it was something smaller than a Holiday Inn. It was like a motel -- a crazy experience. I kind of had to record wherever was possible."

The weighty album title, Church Of Scars, Briggs says was taken from that very song discussed above, "Hallowed Ground" with the line being 'my heart is a church of scars.' "It felt like the perfect representation of every time I would go to write," says Briggs. "Because you really hope that you are entering into a place in yourself where you're not hiding from those vulnerabilities and you're not hiding from those scars -- rather you're embracing them and acknowledging them and leaning into them."

Bishop Briggs' Church Of Scars is set for release on April 20, 2018. Be sure to catch her latest single, "White Flag" currently in rotation on ALT 92.3 in NYC.