ALT 92.3’s Travel Advice: Getting To Barclays Center

November 26, 2019

By Mario McKellop

Heading to Brooklyn’s Barclays Center to attend ALT 92.3’s Not So Silent Night on December 5? With its stacked card, it’s sure to be an unforgettable show, but out of towners might find getting to the venue a bit tricky. To address the issue, here are the fastest ways to get from Connecticut, Long Island, New York City and New Jersey to Barclays via car, train and bus.

From Connecticut

Car: The fastest way to get from Connecticut to Brooklyn is by car. It’s also one of the least complicated as drivers will essentially take I-95 South until arriving in Brooklyn. The 60+ mile journey from point A to point B will take about an hour and a half. Given that parking around Barclays Center is somewhat limited, it’s recommended that drivers book a space at a local parking facility before heading out.

Train: Concert attendees who are looking for the most efficient mass transit solution for their journey should definitely come to Barclays by train. Starting at the Bridgeport Amtrak Station, travelers should take either the Northeast Regional or Vermonter to New York’s Penn Station, which should take about an hour and a half. After arriving in Penn Station, surface and walk to the 34th Street-Herald Square subway station. From there, take a 25-minute ride on the 2 or 3 train to the Bergen Street Station. Then, hail an Uber or take an 18 minute Google Maps-assisted walk to Barclays.

Bus: Those interested in traveling from the Constitution’s State to Brooklyn on a tighter budget can make the trip in about 2 ½ hours for around $30. The journey will begin at the Bridgeport Greyhound Station. From there, take either the 3469, 3423, 2011 or 3439 to New York City’s Port Authority Bus Terminal. After that, cross the underground passageway to NYC subway and get on either the A or C trains to the Lafayette Station. From that point, it’s just a short walk or shorter cab ride to Barclays Center.   

From Long Island

Car: The 50-mile journey from Long Island to Brooklyn is essentially a straight shot, starting from State Route 454 in Hauppauge and ending in with the Flatbush Avenue exit, which is only a mile from Barclays Center. In favorable traffic conditions, the whole trip should take about an hour and a half.

Train: Train travel from LI to the Barclays is similarly uncomplicated. Beginning at the Ronkonkoma Railroad Station, take an hour and a half ride on the daily commuter train to Brooklyn’s Atlantic Terminal. After reaching that destination, it’s just a quick five-minute walk to the venue.

Bus: In terms of speed, convenience and price, it’s recommended that non-driving Long Islanders take the train into Brooklyn. However, those dedicated to bus travel will have to take a 2-hour Hampton Jitney motor coach ride into Midtown Manhattan followed by a 30-minute ride on the B train from the 81 St-Museum of Natural Station to the Atlantic Terminal.

From New York City

Car: Although driving is generally the fastest way to get to Barclays, it can be a challenge for Manhattanites to get to Brooklyn quickly in rush hour. The most expedient route is to get on FDR Drive and continue all the way to Atlantic Avenue, but the 10-mile trip will take between 30 minutes and an hour and a half.

Train: Provided the MTA is running on time, Manhattanites can get to the Barclays in about half an hour by hopping on the train and riding it to Atlantic Terminal / Barclays Center. You can take the B, Q, 2, 3, 4, 5, D, N, and R lines to this station, which all exit right at the entrance to the stadium.

Bus: Alternatively, New York City residents can walk to the corner of Central Park West and West 84th Street and take the M10 Bus to the Columbus Circle/8th Avenue stop. From there, take a two-minute jaunt to the 59th Street - Columbus Circle subway station and ride the A train to the Kingston - Throop Avenue stop. After exiting the station, Barclays is a brisk six-minute walk away.

From New Jersey

Car: The 18-mile drive from New Jersey to Brooklyn should begin in Mulberry Street in the city of Newark. From there, drivers should follow I-78 to the Holland Tunnel, exit on Canal Street in Manhattan, drive about a mile and a half on the Manhattan Bridge/Manhattan Bridge Upper Roadway, exit on Flatbush Avenue, turn right on 4TH Avenue and then left on Atlantic Avenue to reach the Barclays Center.  In total, expect to drive time to be between 45 minutes and an hour and a half.

Train: For a somewhat less complicated 1-hour long journey, those coming from Jersey should head to Newark’s Penn Station Light Rail Arrival. Then take the PATH to the World Trade Center Station. From there, walk to the Park Place subway station and take the 3 train to the Atlantic Avenue Station.

Bus: Similarly, bus riders should make their way to the Newark Penn passenger station and get on the 108 Williamsport to New York City bus. After a 35 minute ride, travelers will arrive at the Port Authority Bus Station, from which they should walk to the 42nd Street - Port Authority subway station. There, get on either the A or C train to Lafayette Avenue and walk to Barclays from there. In total, the bus/subway route to Brooklyn should take little over an hour.