Bear rooting through trash

Getty Images/AwakenedEye

Jersey Dog Takes on a Bear and Wins

He's a ballsy little dude.

July 11, 2019

I’m pretty sure if I ran into a bear, I’d run the F#$K away. Or I’d probably try and pretend I was invisible, as I’ve heard running from a bear is BAD. Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do…probably die, since I’m clueless and the bear would kill me.

Allan Tlusty's 9-year old dog, Riley, is not me though. That dog is FEARLESS (and possibly stupid, but hey. He’s a dog. We’ll chalk it up to loyalty and selflessness instead. WHO’S THE GOODEST BOY?!) Riley went RIGHT AFTER THE BEAR when it wandered in his neighbor’s yard in West Milford.

You read that right. A Bear. It just wandered into someone’s yard in West Milford, New Jersey. (aaand this is why my ass is staying in the Bronx, thankyouverymuch.) Lucky for THAT guy, his neighbor has a gutsy dog that chased it away, making contact not just once but TWICE.

The video is kind of amazing:

For more on the story AND what you actually SHOULD do if you ever come across a bear, read this.