Photo: Scott Kirkland / Sipa / USA Today

Jared Leto Teases New Thirty Seconds to Mars Song 'Great Wide Open'

March 6, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling

Jared Leto is such a tease. The singer has shared a preview of "Great Wide Open," a new Thirty Seconds to Mars tune slated for the band's upcoming full-length.

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Leto made the big reveal during an interview with CBS Sunday Morning host, Anthony Mason. "I think I wrote this song about three years ago," Leto explained. "It was one of the first new songs I wrote on this album."

Leto plays more than a minute of the track, with Mason asking if the finished version is how he originally heard it in his head. "No, especially this,"

Leto responds, turning up a section featuring the gospel choir. "That's a couple choirs. That's really fun to hear people's voices and that power on a song that you've written. This song, it grew from a piano, a vocal and a tiny little drum beat." "I think it's an important song for us," Leto added. "It feels like a cornerstone for the album."

Check out Leto's tease of "Great Wide Open" below.