Photo: Chris Tuite / Sipa / USA Today

Jane's Addiction's Perry Farrell Unveils New Vegas Experience 'Kind Heaven'

March 16, 2018

By Scott T. Sterling 

Perry Farrell is sharing a brand new dream with the world.

The Jane's Addiction frontman has unveiled Kind Heaven, an immersive experience that he will present in Las Vegas with a launch date of August 2019.

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Farrell revealed his plans for Kind Heaven this week (March 15) with a press conference about the project that's categorized as "a complete playground for the senses, featuring multiple musical stages, 40 food stations, bars and much, much more" (via Forbes). The idea is to update the live music experience into "immersive theater."

"What we’re doing, in all honesty, to simplify it, is we’re creating a new scene. And scenes, as we know, always are built around music," Farrell explained about the Kind Heaven concept.

"Youth counterculture goes out to experience nightlife, listen to music, dance, socialize and in the last 50 years, since I’ve been alive, it’s gone from rock and roll to hair metal to metal to alternative or punk rock, disco, EDM and now bottle service and now what cause I’m not going out of my house now," he added. "I don’t want to go and pay $2,000 for a bottle of vodka. It’s not interesting. But if you told me, 'Come out, you can walk around and you have a chance to experience for the course of two hours, or two days if you want, every square inch of that building is thought with kindness, excitement in mind.' So there’s never a moment that doesn’t fill your ears or your eyes or your palate. We have 40 stations to grab street food. All these spots will be sprinkled over the five stories, chance for teas, drinks, food, alcohol."

Farrell goes on to talk about a hologram component to the event, and the possibility of seeing him sing with David Bowie or Freddie Mercury via technology. The singer is also interested in including adult entertainment via hologram.


Only time will tell. But with Ferrell at the helm, it's sure to be intriguing.