PA Winery Has the Best Adult Trick or Treating Idea... Good News... It Includes Booze

This is definitely worth a road trip......ACTUALLY, take an Uber!

September 23, 2019

evgenyatamanenko/Getty Images


There is NO DOUBT that as you get older, the things you did for fun as a kid become a disappearing vision in your life's rearview mirror. It's fall and more specifically Halloween season, so many adults have trick or treating FOMO and live vicariously through their kids to keep their trick or treating glory days alive.  BUT....what if you don't have children?  You become that creepy 'adult' everyone talks about who refuses to grow up because you fight with all the other kids for your favorite candy in the bowl!

The unanswered question is.....How old is TOO OLD to go trick or treating for halloween?!

NOW YOU DON'T HAVE TO WORRY!!! And get ready for a short road trip!! YES I KNOW....There is so much stuff to do in the area, which we have highlighted on our site...CLICK HERE.... But if you are looking to pile in the car with your friends, put on some dope ALT MUSIC and throw back a few ...GOOD NEWS...we got you covered!!  ADULT TRICK OR TREATING EXISTS and includes BOOZE!!!!!

THIS MIGHT BE THE BEST THING YOU READ ALL WEEK.......Chaddsford Winery, located in Chadds Ford, PA (about 2 hours from NYC) hosts ADULT TRICK OR TREAT every weekend from September 28th through October 27th. Basically you just show up at the winery and visit stations where you're rewarded with WINE and even some food, like crab mac & cheese and a "dirt" cupcake garnished with a gummy worms.(YESSSSSS)

GOT A COSTUME?  Maybe you are rocking the SEXY MR. RODGERS this year and want to show it off (as you should), wear it or any costume and you'll also get 20 percent off any bottle of wine you purchase while there. Tickets are $25 per person in advance online.

THIS SOUNDS SO DAMN FUN!!!! Here's some advice......TAKE AN UBER!!!!!!