What Your Diner Order Says About You!

Your diner order is more than just a meal - it determines how messed up you are!!

August 8, 2019

bobchap/Getty Images


With over 600 Diners in New Jersey alone, you have probably spent a drunken night or two stuffing your face with greasy heaven or maybe have even left the aftermath of a drinking binge in the bathroom.   I have a friend who met his wife at one of these joints, but thats a story for a different time!!

French toast anyone??.....UGHHHH!!!

So diner food's just food, right? Nope: What you order says a lot about your personality. Below is what a particular order says about the person ordering them, which one are you??

  • Omelet. You either have some specific dietary restrictions and are understandably controlling, or are just a total control freak for unrelated reasons.
  • Pancakes. Everyone loves you and is excited to have you around, and that goes double if you’re the special kind of person who will take charge and order pancakes “for the table.”  You’re the life of the party. Unfortunately for you, that party ends at 9:30 p.m. after your sugar crash.
  • Tuna Melt. You are pregnant. (probably shouldn't be eating at a diner!)
  • Black Coffee. This city ain’t what it used to be, man, and you can’t take it anymore. You have been kicked out of a diner for forgetting you can no longer smoke inside.
  • BLT. You are set in your ways, sometimes to your detriment. Soggy lettuce? Dry bread? Pale, mealy tomatoes? Limp bacon? You risk it all because you would rather a bad version of this sandwich than a good version of anything else. You have an air of mild disappointment about you at all times.
  • Disco Fries. Three options, not mutually exclusive. 1) You are from New Jersey. 2) You spent a semester in Montreal and now won’t stop talking about how this is fine, but it’s the squeak of a real cheese curd that would make the dish. 3) You are very, very drunk. (Personal research done to confirm this option)
  • Broiled Lobster. You don't about your body nor for your peace of mind. You are an agent of chaos.
  • Diet Delights. Congratulations on your 100th birthday. HA HA!