Want to go to a NYC restaurant that's fully booked? It's not as hopeless as you think!!

August 12, 2019

Kwangmoozaa/Getty Images


Picture this: you meet the ONE......

And you want to impress them by getting into an exclusive restaurant that is always booked but your pockets aren't so deep.  Let's face it, living in your parents basement makes it hard to be a baller so BRIBERY is probably not an option!

Try these - they might get you a table at a busy restaurant (without resorting to bribery) that might technically be fully booked:

  • GO DURING A BIG EVENT OR ON A RAINY DAY. If you’re willing to miss out on the Game of Thrones finale or the Super Bowl, you should visit a restaurant during a major televised event; there’s a better chance you’ll wrangle a table when everyone’s at home, assuming you aren’t headed to a sports bar or anywhere else with  televisions. The same goes for rainy days. It’s likely some parties will cancel their reservation to get out of the rain, which means you can swoop in and take that table.
  • DON'T RELY ON BOOKING SITES, CALL INSTEAD. If you tend to rely on OpenTable to book tables, here’s why you shouldn’t take some restaurants’ online seating availability at face value: They don’t always show the full picture. Always attempt to call a restaurant even if it’s booked online.
  • GO AT THE RIGHT TIME. Here’s a piece of (obvious) advice for those looking to grab a table at that trendy restaurant: Don’t come at rush-hour. This means avoiding the 7 to 9 p.m. seatings entirely. If it’s a restaurant you’re desperate to try—and you’re willing to eat an early dinner—grab a reservation during the first seating around 5 or 6 p.m., when there are likely more openings. 
  • MAKE SOME CONCESSIONS WITH THE HOST. If you’re hovering near the host stand and desperate for a table, it helps to make some concessions. This means not being picky about an inside table versus an outside one or being sat at the bar⁠—wherever might offer the soonest availability with the least resistance from the host. It also means offering to wrap your meal up as quickly as possible.

IF THOSE DON'T WORK, GET A SECOND JOB AND GET TO BRIBING!  (I suggest a hundred dollar bill, you cheap ass!!!)