Want a SOLD OUT Popeyes Chicken Sanwich? JUST BYOB!!

This is INGENIUS!!

September 13, 2019

highviews/Getty Images


By now you have probably heard about the viral twitter debate posing the question......Who has the better chicken sandwich - Popeyes or Chick-Fil-A?.  If not, let me refresh your memory!

A few weeks ago, Popeyes and Chick-fil-A were locked in a fried-chicken feud after Popeyes debuted a new chicken sandwich. Popeyes responded "y'all good?" to an apparent subtweet from Chick-fil-A about its "original" chicken sandwich.

The debate peaked people's curiousity, leading to complete INSANITY.  People would actually wait in line for hours to get there hands on this fast food phenomenon. As expected, due to the increased demand the sandwiches SOLD OUT!!!

As of right now, the chicken sandwich is still SOLD OUT due to a BUN SHORTAGE, but there's still one way to get em.  The chain is telling it's faithful followers to BYOB!  Now as someone that is always in search of a good time,  I said "how is bringing alcohol to Popeyes gonna get me a chicken sandwich?" Sounds like a good time, doesn't it?!?! 

Sorry to disappoint but ..........BYOB = BRING YOUR OWN BUN!!!!

Since the chain has no shortage of chicken tenders, all you need is your own bread to make a sandwich--for now!

Honestly, I can't see myself walking into a restaurant with MY OWN bun........I like the ORIGINAL meaning of BYOB.....you think Tequila is allowed at PopeyesI'LL LET YOU KNOW!!!!