The dirtiest part of a hotel room...and NO it's not the bathroom

Ughh I just threw up in my mouth!!! DON'T SIT DOWN!!!

December 20, 2019
Hotel Room

DragonImages/Getty Images


The holidays are the season of giving and the season to travelAccording to AAA, more than a record-breaking 115 million people are expected to travel for the holidays; some staying with family but many checking into hotels.  Let's face it....staying healthy and germ free as you travel is not as easy as it looks.  Not only are you running on lack of sleep but you are in areas with people sneezing and coughing introducing your body to a whole new set of bacteria......I'm getting sick as we speak just thinking about it!!


You say to yourself....."let me get the hell off this plane and into my hotel so I don't get sick!"  They are safe and germ free right?  WRONG!!!!!!  Yeah I get it...that temporary home-away-from-home may look clean, but there are plenty of germ-ridden spots - and in pretty unlikely places, too.

So the question is...WHAT IS THE DIRTIEST PART OF A HOTEL ROOM?  The bathroom? NOPE!.......The bed? NOPE!!.......hotel hairdryers? NOPE!!  Those are all filled with germs but that is only the beginning of your troubles!!!

YOU MIGHT WANT TO SIT DOWN FOR THIS!!! Well, not if you are reading this from your hotel room.  According to germ experts (that's a thing??), the grossest part of the hotel room is......THE UPHOLSTERED CHAIR!!!! 

IT'S TRUE!!!  The reason is that chairs can often be made of hard-to-clean fabric and upholstery, and definitely are not cleaned the same way sheets and towels are.  (well, we hope!!)  Stains on chairs are dabbed and rubbed until they are removed, but other germs that are not noticeable to the eye remain. 

MY ADVICE......before sitting on the hotel room chair...think about the nasty person who used the room before you, using THAT chair to hang and air out dirty clothing and underwear.  GROSSSSSSS!!!!