A sexy 'college admissions scandal' costume exists.....cause why wouldn't it?

TOO SOON?!?! NEVER too soon!!!!

October 7, 2019

Christopher Polk / Getty Images


This Halloween season has been one of very 'WEIRD' costumes, to say the least.  A couple of weeks ago, CANE so graciously informed us about a 'SEXY MR. ROGERS' costume out this year that has forever changed the way we view the innocent legend, we know as Mr. Rogers!

Well, move aside Mr. Rogers ... the college admissions scandal is the next thing to hop on board the sexy Halloween costume hay ride.  The scandal I'm talking about is the one where some financially affluent people were caught paying for there no-so-smart kids to get into top American Universities.  Among the many caught were actress', Felicity Huffman and 'Aunt Becky' (Lori Loughlin).


So what could be next step of this whole story?!   YOU GUESSED IT.....there is now a sexy college admissions scandal costume.  And this isn’t your run-of-the mill sexy Aunt Becky costume, either.

THIS IS AMAZING........The costume is an orange spandex jumpsuit featuring a crop top with the words “Mom of the Year” crossed out and “Inmate” stamped across the chest and matching high-waisted pants with “Yandy University” printed on the back, an obvious dig at 'Aunt Becky' from Full House.

I actually HATE Halloween, but suddenly I CAN'T WAIT FOR IT TO BE HERE!!