Climate change inspires a new dating trend...'Thunberging'

Leave it to a 17 year old to help change the world.....of dating!!!

February 27, 2020
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We are officially almost 2 months into 2020 and we have already seen so many negative dating trends to watch out for. 

For example, the latest awful trend to look out for is Stashing.......basically you are being hidden from your partners friends and family because they are embarassed of you for some reason!


These horrible trends; from "ghosting" to "cause-playing" will make a single person want to stay single FOREVER because it's all so negative.......UNTIL NOW!!!! (we think)

Some people have taken their dedication to protecting the environment into their dating habits because climate change has inspired a new dating trend called 'THUNBERGING'

The trend "Thunberging" is used  when people on a date bond over their shared passion for environmental issues. The term is named after climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Dating websites have seen a 240% increase in mentions of climate change and other environmental terms on dating profiles in the last two years, and in 2019 there was an 800 percent increase in mentions of Greta Thunberg specifically.

WHAT'S CRAZY is; more than half of people on dating sites ranked climate change as the most important issue to them in 2019 but that DOES NOT mean your lazy ass can remain unemployed because having a job is A CLOSE SECOND!!!