Forget ghosting … stashing is the new, awful dating trend

Again.......GET A PUPPY!! You will be happier!

February 10, 2020
Bad date

DjelicS/Getty Images


I have said this in previous blogs.....DATING SUCKS!!  And it doesn't seem to be getting any better in this new year.  Yes, with a new year comes new beginnings but also some new AWFUL DATING TRENDS to look out for!!

Among many others, the first trend of 2020, we were warned to look out for was 'CAUSE PLAYING'

And as always, there is the traditional 'GHOSTING', where, for lack of a better definition, your person of interest just disappears on you! 

Well in 2020, forget ghosting … 'STASHING' is the new, awful dating trend that makes you WISH you were ghosted!

Stashing occurs when you’ve been dating someone for a while … but they fail to introduce you to any friends or family. And they don’t even acknowledge you on social media. Ouch.  A stasher might be stashing you because they are embarrassed by or have issues with their family, they don’t see a serious future with you, or because they may be seeing other people at the same time.

By the way, THIS IS NOT A NEW's been happening forever.....and I'm no relationship expert but I feel that......GETTING A JOB minimizes the possibility of someone being embarassed of you, amongst other things!  YOU'RE WELCOME!!