'Slow Dating' is the Key to Finding a Better Relationship - Good Luck

Otherwise known as being a freaking decent HUMAN BEING!!!

October 4, 2019

BartekSzewczyk/Getty Images


If you are one of the lucky ones that are out in the world of dating, you know first hand that dating in the digital age is more like a battlefield!!  Some stories you hear actually sound like horror films you would find on TV.  For the majority, NOTHING good ever comes from their online search for love!

Maybe its time to try something NEW?!?! WHY NOT!!! Especially if finding dates online or via dating apps, has frustrated you to the point of hair loss!!.

There’s another method of dating that some people are doing called ‘Slow dating.’  This involves basically going on fewer dates, and making those you do go on count.

The first step, which is the HARDEST part for millennials, is to focus on the written content of your match’s profile, rather than their profile pictureOH YOU MEAN BE A DECENT HUMAN BEING rather THAN A CREEP!!!!

Next, limit your time spent using dating apps, and lastly limit the number of matches you actually talk to in the apps, as well as the number of dates you go on.

I might have to take my words back and say that THIS could be the HARDEST  especially for those that lack face to face communication skills - ‘Slow dating’ doesn’t only happen via digital means, but can also happen in real life, face-to-face interactions. I LOST MOST WITH THE LAST PART!! "You mean I actually have to have a real conversation with someone?!?.....HELL NO!!"