Proof that any costume can be made "sexy" -- a “Sold Out” Popeye’s chicken sandwich costume exists!!

Cause why wouldn't it!!!

October 24, 2019

Murika/Getty Images


Halloween is just a few days away and well you might still be looking for the perfect costume.  There are so many out there.....HOW DO YOU CHOOSE!?  One way is to see what the most googled costumes of the year are, which might help in your last minute selections!

If those don't do it for you because you are looking for something on the sexier side, then you might need to dig deeper.  This year has definitely been the year for crazy costumes, to say the least -- and when I say crazy I mean SEXY!!  Some costumes are out this year that are being called sexy but definitely bend the definition of what sexy is! 

For example, CANE so graciously informed us about a 'SEXY MR. ROGERS' costume out this year that has forever changed the way we view the innocent legend, we know as Mr. Rogers!

To add to that, we then learned that there is also a sexy college admissions scandal costume.  And it isn’t your run-of-the mill sexy Aunt Becky costume, either.

SOOOOOOO.......just when you thought have heard it all, here is further proof that any costume can be made “sexy”.  Remember when Popeyes and Chick-fil-A were locked in a fried-chicken feud after Popeyes debuted a new chicken sandwich which caused the sandwich to sell out at all locations......

HERE COMES THE SEXINESS......I THINK?!?....... a sexy “Sold Out” Popeye’s chicken sandwich exists and NO, I'm not kidding!!! Ya know cause why wouldn't it!?!?

The costume comes with a fuzzy textured chicken patty interior, a white “sold out” stamp and matching ruffled bun arm puffs.  

MAYBE IT'S JUST ME....BUTTTT........WHAT THE HELL?!?!........I DON'T GET IT!!!!! Do people actually sit around the table and say "oh you know what would be great, a sexy sold out chicken sandwich costume!!"  

I have a gut feeling this 'sandwich' wont sell out like the actual edible Popeye's creation!!!