Want to live longer? Get a Dog

And get rid of your partner!

October 9, 2019

nortonrsx/Getty Images


There is no doubt that the love of a DOG is unconditional because they could care less how you dress, how you smell, how many social media followers you have....YOU GET THE DRIFT!!  If you provide them shelter, water and food you are a GOD in the eyes of your four-legged friend!!

Maybe I'm just speaking for myself, but sometimes , ok maybe more than just sometimes, I like my dog better than most people.  This all makes so much sense!!  A few weeks ago, I posted that most millennials are willing to GET IN-DEBT FOR THE PET...........

And to take it further......I also blogged that....Your parents actually do have a favorite AND it's not you....IT'S THE DOG!!!

SO THESE RECENT FINDINGS MAKE ALL OF THE ABOVE MAKE A HELL OF ALOT OF SENSE!  It's simple.........If you want to live longer, get a dog!!!  Studies found that dog owners live longer than people who don't have a canine. (WELL YEAH DUHHHHHH!!!)

The reason for this is pretty simple........Dog owners tend to get more exercise – by taking their dogs for walks -- and they are less likely to feel lonely or isolated.

Don't feel so bad that you are still single, living in your parents basement and making no money.....just GET A DOG.....THEY DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR LAZINESS....AND YOU COULD LIVE LONGER!! (hopefully not in the same basement!)

I'm just here to help.....and YOU'RE WELCOME!!!.........